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Best Hair Gel for Men in 2023

Finding the best hair gel for men can be tricky, especially since there are so many options out there. Hair gel is a styling product that adds structure and holds to hair. Men often use hair gel to give their hair volume, shape, and style that lasts throughout the day. Hair gel can also help keep long hairstyles in place and protect against humidity. Hair gels come in various forms, such as waxes, creams, sprays, and oils.

However, some may contain alcohol which can be drying on the hair, so it’s best to choose one with natural plant-based ingredients if possible. Hair gel can also help reduce frizz and add shine while helping prevent split ends. Hair gel is a great way to get a polished look without sacrificing the health of your hair. And here at Media Cynics, we’ll give you our take on the best hair gel for men.


The History Behind Hair Gel

Hair gel has been used by men since ancient times, with hair gel-like substances being created from wood resins, beeswax, and gums. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that hair gel as we know it today began to enter the market. The first modern hair gel for men was made from lanolin and petroleum jelly. As hairstyles became more intricate in the 1950s, hair products such as wax and pomades were introduced to help create and maintain these looks.

Hair gels soon followed, becoming a staple of men’s styling kits worldwide. By 1980,s hair gels had become much more popular, with various formulas offering different levels of hold and shine. In 1990,s hair gels became an integral part of fashion. Today hair gel for men is a must-have in most grooming kits and continues to be used to create a range of different looks.

From sleek back hair to spiky mohawks, hair gel remains one of the most versatile styling products. Whether looking for a classic look or something more modern, hair gel can help you achieve any style you desire. With many formulations offering different levels of hold and shine available now, hair gel is one of the most helpful styling tools for men.


7 of the Best Hair Gel for Men in 2023

Best Overall: Paul Mitchell Sculpting Gel

Best Hair gel for men Paul Mitchel Sculpting Gel
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Product Review

Paul Mitchell Super Clean Sculpting Gel for men is an excellent choice for those looking to style their hair with a stronghold. Its alcohol-free formula provides an all-day hold without drying or damaging your scalp or hair. It has a pleasant, light scent, leaving your hair feeling soft, natural, and manageable. The gel’s moisturizing properties also help nourish and protect hair from harsh weather conditions and styling tools like blow dryers and flat irons.

If you’re looking for a strong-hold product to keep your hairstyle in place, Paul Mitchell Super Clean Sculpting Gel is the way to go. It provides excellent control and enough flexibility to reshape your style throughout the day. In addition, the product also contains panthenol and wheat protein to help strengthen and condition your hair for a healthier look overall. Paul Mitchell Super Clean Sculpting Gel is an excellent choice if you want a stronghold that’s easy to use and won’t dry out or damage your scalp or hair.


  • Feels clean and holds well
  • Leaves hair looking shiny and healthy
  • Not a heavy gel


  • May be to light for some hair styles
  • May leave hair slightly crispy

Best Value: Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Styling Gel

Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Styling Gel best hair gel for men
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Product Review

Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Styling Gel provides great value for its price. This product offers all-day hold, a light and flexible finish, and an easy-to-use design that make it the perfect choice for styling hair.

Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Styling Gel is formulated with gentle ingredients. It also contains no waxes or oils, making it ideal for any hair type. Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Styling Gel is enriched with Vitamin E and Biotin to help nourish the scalp and keep hair looking healthy.

All these features make Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Styling Gel the best value for your money. With Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Styling Gel, you can style and protect your hair at an affordable price. So if you’re looking for a styling gel that offers excellent performance without breaking the bank, Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Styling Gel is perfect.


  • Paraben Free
  • Clean smell and not sticky
  • Inexpensive for great quality


  • May not be ideal for fine hair
  • May take longer than other gels to dry

Best Luxurious Hair Gel: Oribe Hair Care Rock Hard Gel

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Product Review

Oribe Hair Care Rock Hard Gel is a premium gel because it gives you the perfect balance of control and holds. It’s lightweight yet provides long-lasting firmness without leaving your hair greasy or crunchy. The Oribe formula has hydrolyzed wheat protein to help condition and protect your hair while providing an ultra-firm grip on your style.

Oribe Hair Care Rock Hard Gel contains panthenol to help hydrate and strengthen each strand, giving you shiny, healthy-looking locks all day. With Oribe Hair Care Rock Hard Gel, you can confidently create any hairstyle, knowing your look will stay put! From sleek ponytails to messy buns, Oribe Hair Care Rock Hard Gel will keep your hair looking beautiful and in place no matter the occasion. Oribe Hair Care Rock Hard Gel is a must-have for anyone who wants to achieve salon-quality styles at home.


  • High quality that uses premium ingredients
  • Stronghold with a natural look
  • Doesn’t need a lot to be effective


  • Expensive
  • Hard to find in common stores

Best Salon Gel: American Crew Men’s Hair Gel

American crew hair gel for men
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Product Review

American Crew Men’s Hair Gel is a great choice for guys who want to keep their hair tamed and styled. It has a firm hold perfect for short or long styles, providing just the right amount of control without feeling too sticky.

American Crew Hair Gel is water soluble and will wash out easily with shampoo, so you don’t have to worry about having crunchy residue left behind in your hair. The alcohol-free formula also helps protect hair from damage due to sun exposure and other environmental factors. American Crew Hair Gel also has a pleasant scent that keeps your hair clean and fresh throughout the day.


  • Great hold that last
  • Provides a healthy looking shine to the hair
  • Fresh smelling scent


  • It may be too firm for certain hairstyles
  • It may be hard to find in stores
  • It may leave hair sticky

Best Low to Medium Hold: Johnny B Mode Styling Gel

Johnny B Best hair gel for men
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Product Review

Johnny B Mode Styling Gel is the go-to styling gel for those looking to achieve a range of hairstyles with superior hold and control. Johnny B has your back, whether you’re going for a classic look or something more daring. Its lightweight formula won’t weigh down hair.

While its alcohol-free composition provides maximum moisture retention and frizz control, you can enjoy the perfect style with Johnny B Mode Styling Gel all day. It’s no wonder it’s become the favorite choice of many professional stylists and barbers worldwide!


  • Great for styles that need light to medium holds
  • Tames hair very well
  • Holds up to outdoor elements


  • Hard to find in stores
  • On the expensive side
  • May be hard to remove for a light to medium hold gel

Best Smelling Hair Gel: Old Spice Swagger Hair Gel

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Product Review

If you’re looking for the perfect hair gel that adds a touch of swagger to your style, look no further than Old Spice Swagger Hair Gel. This unique product is formulated with fragrances and nourishing ingredients to give you a groomed, put-together look without the sticky feeling of most gels. Not only does it provide great hold, but it also has an unmistakable scent that can be described as assertive yet subtle. So not only will your hair stay in place all day, but you’ll also smell great.


  • It’s affordable
  • The gel smells amazing
  • Easy to find in stores
  • Great for nightlife social settings


  • It does have a strong smell and it may be to overpowering
  • Does not mix well with other fragrances, such as cologne
  • It may not last as long as other gels

Best for Strong Hold: Got2b Ultra Glued

Got2b best hair gel for men
Courtesy of Amazon

Got2B Ultra Glued is a styling gel product designed to give your hair the extra hold you need. It promises a strong, lasting hold that won’t flake or leave behind any residue. Whether you want a slick, glossy finish or some added control over your style, got2B Ultra Glued can help.

The product claims to work on all types of hairstyles and textures, from straight to curly and everything in between. got2B Ultra Glued is water-resistant and stays put no matter how much humidity is in the air. The formula doesn’t contain alcohol, so it won’t dry out your hair or leave it feeling gummy. It also won’t flake off during the day, ensuring your style looks fresh and intact.


  • It’s super strong
  • It dry’s clear
  • Easy to use


  • Strong smell
  • It may leave hair looking wet
  • May be hard to wash out

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Men Use Hair Gel?

Hair gel is an essential product for many men when it comes to styling their hair. It can be used to create a variety of different looks and styles, from sleek and tidy to wild and edgy. Hair gel gives your hair structure, hold, shine, and definition depending on the type of product you use. Hair gel also protects hair from heat damage caused by blow drying or flat ironing.

When considering whether or not men should use hair gel, there are several factors to consider. Hair type is one factor; those with thicker or coarser hair may need more control than those with finer hair. Hair length is another factor; longer styles require more hold than shorter ones.

What’s the Difference Between Hair Gel and Pomade?

Hair gel gives a stiffer hold than pomade does and doesn’t require extra time for application because it quickly dries after being applied to the hair. Hair gel also provides more shine and definition to hair when compared with pomade.

On the other hand, pomades create a softer look that offers the flexibility of movement without appearing greasy or wet. Pomades allow you to control your flyaways and provide more control over styling your hair throughout the day than hair gels. Hair gels can dry out hair if used too often, while pomades provide moisture, making them ideal for those with dry hair.

Can I Use Hair Gel every day?

It should not be used every day, you should regularly wash out any hair gel and use high quality ingredients that adds nourishment to your hair.

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