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How Do You Find Your Passion

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can always find your passion and live.

With everything we having going on on in our life, school, work, and family, we get sucked into a very narrow way of thinking, and it cripples us from pursuing our passions. Honestly ask yourself, when have you done something productive with your passion? Or how about this question, do you even know what your passion is? Often times people don’t, they lose sight of what’s important to them, and neglect what makes them happy. And it can be a multitude of reasons why people lose that sight, we all have barriers that we all have to deal with, and it’s important to figure out how to climb over those barriers, because if we don’t we get stuck in one place for the rest of our life.

A very evident barrier that we all have to overcome is the construct of our society. Many times society tries to dictate what you should do and how we should go about our way of life. But when it comes to your passion and what you want to do with your life, accepting what society thinks is fitting for you, is one of the cruelest things you can accept for yourself. Essentially you are surrendering a freedom we all possess. And that’s being able to freely think for yourself, allowing your parents, teachers, your boss, or even your significant other to tell you how to live, is controlling and manipulative, even if its not intended to be malicious. But, isn’t that how it all starts, someone else knowing better than you? We all have one shot at this thing called life, and being able to live it the best way possible is the only way to go.

Think Like Your Younger-Self Full of Passion

Passion is about doing anything you want

When we were small little children starting out in grammar school, we were all asked by our kindergarten teacher, a simple question. And that was, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Little did we know the question was more philosophical than practical, what we answered wasn’t considered realistic, unless you were one of the ones that said police officer, fire fighter, or doctor. The ones that answered astronaut, artist, or a pro athlete, were the delusional ones, but why was that?

Why does society think reaching for the stars is a detrimental path children can take for their future? As far as anyone can tell there is three possible outcomes that can occur. The first one, the dream can actually come true, whatever the child wants to strive for, if they have the talent and support they can actually achieve their life long dreams. And it all started with a dream long ago, that wasn’t considered crazy.

The second outcome is that the child could fail, but land a career opportunity around the business they strived to be in. For example, the NBA, NFL, MLB or even Hollywood, there is a multitude of professions that run these organizations. There’s managers, producers, coaches, and the production crew. These people are crucial for the survival of these businesses, and yet failing into one of these roles is very realistic, and better than any 9-5 job out there. Yes athletes and actors make these organizations what they are today, but it’s regular people who have a passion for that sort of thing that keeps it running.

And lastly, the the people who reached for the stars can fail so miserably, that they will be forced to go to college, and take a regular 9-5 job, and be like everyone else. For someone who was motivated to work so hard and not achieve their dream job, the worst thing they will have to succumb to is the realization that they will have to live their life like everyone else. If that is the worst thing that could possibly happen, why doesn’t everyone at least try. People who have tried can at least say they took a shot, as most people can’t say that. They go about life, wondering and asking themselves, what if?

Take Chances On Yourself to Fulfill your Passion

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It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, finding your passion is important. Like stated before, we get sucked into a very narrow way of thinking, and once we start making excuses we start to lose ourselves more and more. And with the gift of life, we can’t take anything for granted, our happiness needs to come first, and if it doesn’t everything around us become meaningless.

Realistically speaking, life gets in the way, it really does, all of this is a lot easier said than done, because we have responsibilities. So how do we balance responsibilities while pursuing our happiness? First we are going to have to change our way of thinking, and there are certain steps one should take.

The first step is to be selfish, especially if you are unhappy, unmotivated, and unfulfilled. Because honestly ask yourself, what can you actually give if this is your state of mind? Nothing of substantial meaning, because negative energy is the dominate trait that you possess regardless if you see it or not. Be selfish in taking care of your needs first, find out what makes you happy and do it.

The second step is to commit, after you have found that passion, you will need to build a plan and experiment with different ways to implement your new found passions. Because passions are life disrupters, however they will disrupt things in the best way imaginable. But, as they say to much of a good thing can be bad for you. You will have to start off in small increments and build a tolerance for your passion, before you let it take over. For example, if you love to write, you will find that writing is very mechanical and tiresome, and if you aren’t careful you can burn out very easily. So whatever your passion is, be committed but have a plan.

The third step is to be kind, not only to yourself but to others, because it’s going to be a tough transition for you and everyone around you. Not everyone will understand your new journey, even if you explain it to them in full-detail. And that’s okay because your passion isn’t about them, its about you, and living your life the way you envision. But with that said, you have to be kind to others, especially the ones in your circle. And understand that your new journey may not by the journey others will be comfortable with taking, but continue to do what you need to do and be selfish about it, just be kind.

Surround Yourself With Positivity to Spark your Passion

Passion is endless

Your physical surrounding is just as important as your mental surrounding. What you surround yourself with can indeed be the difference between success and failure to finding your passion. When evaluating yourself you need to know and understand what kind of person you are. For example are you creative or are you analytical, are you an introvert or are you an extrovert. These are questions that people need to ask themselves to understand what kind of physical surrounding best fits them. Commit to a space and see what works for you.

Your mental surrounding is also equally important, what you ingest mentally on a daily bases will be what you surround your mind with. And ensuring your mind is surrounded by positivity is going to be essential to your success to finding your passion. And filtering out negativity is going to be a discipline that will need to be learned. We all know the power of negativity, it’s coupled with self doubt and frustration. You won’t find your passion when riddled with negativity, its just not possible. You will need a clear mind and understanding of your surrounding to find your true purpose.


  1. Think like your younger-self: when you were younger, you dreamt big. You will have to dig deep inside yourself and find that imagination.
  2. Take chances on yourself: trying to find your passion, will require experimentations with your ability and your desire, often times you will find that they do not align.
  3. Surround yourself with positivity: you will need to set yourself up with success by surrounding yourself with a positive environment and energy.

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