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How To Keep Working At A Job You Hate

Working at a job you hate can be a soul taxing experience, here are some tips to keep it going

How to keep working at a job you hate, is the million dollar question. Some people are better working at terrible jobs than others. But what is their secret? Because whether they are under-paid, under-valued, or downright unappreciated everyone has a different method. Because working somewhere and doing something completely unnatural to you and your ability can be torture.

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But it doesn’t have to be, you can turn a corporate nightmare into a blissful paradise, and it’s easy to do. All you have to do is change your mindset and and follow through with action, and you are all set. However that can be easier said than done, and it will have to take time with constant practice.

If You Are Over-worked, Work Harder

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Remember the saying, work smarter not harder? Well that bit of advice is outdated. In this new normal people have to understand that companies are struggling to retain their employees, and working eight to ten hours isn’t enough anymore. employees should not only be eager, but happy to pull double shifts. For example, when an employee quits their job, the work doesn’t disappear, it simply gets transferred to another employee.

But instead of expecting companies to change with the times and re-evaluate their processes and operations. That expectation should fall onto the employee, simply working logical and efficient isn’t what’s needed. It’s pulling your boot straps up and getting to work. Employees should aim at making the company and the higher-ups look good. Because a worker that doesn’t have any regard for their physical and mental health is a worker worth their salt.

Make Sure To Work For Free At Your Job

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Nothing quite spells out pride in your work when you treat your job like a hobby. And that’s something you should consider, the day you stop working and start having fun with your daily task is something you are going to want to do for free.

Of course, you will need to make some sort of living so, logging in your eight hours is necessary, because realistically you need to keep up this charade. But, coming to work early, staying late, and working over the weekend without any expectation of compensation should be a mind set every employee should have.

Make Sure To Exceed Unrealistic Expectations

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Every job at a company comes with some sort of metric that every employee needs to meet. If a company is really bad, they will set unrealistic expectations that are impossible for their employees to meet, and hold them accountable when they aren’t met. But that should be considered a good thing, there is no such thing as progression when limits aren’t pushed.

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However, in order to exceed these impossible expectations, employees should consider to work through their breaks, work through lunches, and work tirelessly through out the day. That’s what companies want they these day’s they need grit and dedication without the compensation. Employee’s that sacrifice their well-being for the company, should be a model employee.

Endure A Toxic Work Environment

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Bad companies love to create toxic work environments, and they like to keep garbage employees around to ensure that toxic work environment is in tact. It’s as if they prefer the bad employees, because it’s usually the bad ones that keep the toxic culture going.

But if you actually care about your job, you are going to want to let others know how well you are doing by gloating and letting others know how badly they are doing. If you are serious to keep working at a job you hate, you need to start adding to the toxicity, and start embracing that type of culture. For example when you get a award, make sure you showcase it to your colleagues and shove it in their faces.

Always Be A Yes Man

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Be a yes man to everything that your boss needs. Most companies expect their employees to help make the company as much money as efficiently possible. And you can do that, by doing tasks that no one else wants to do, which is a great way to start gaining motivation for a job you hate.

If you constantly keep doing something that you hate, you will start tricking yourself to liking it. It’s almost like the Stockholm syndrome, when you start to give in to your prison walls, you start to have positive responses to a job you hate. And one day when you mastered that mind set, you will feel like you are at home within your place of employment.


If you have made it this far within the article you have most likely realized that it’s satire. But as satirical as this article is, there are companies that actually operate as ridiculous as this piece shows. And if you are seeing these red flags, then it’s time to start re-evaluating your priorities. You have to ask yourself what is important in your professional career?

People are constantly over-worked and unappreciated in their careers. Companies expect people to work endlessly and tirelessly without any increase in compensation. And to make it worse, these companies have a toxic work environment with unrealistic expectations. So it’s important to find something that you love, whether its with another company or one you have formed your own. However, the responsibility to take care of oneself falls on the individual, once you take responsibility for yourself. You will start seeing your options to move forward with what’s best for you.

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