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How to Love the Process of Fixing your Imperfections

The process of fixing your imperfections can be exhausting, but learning how to love the process will help you grow and manifest your goals of improving your reality. We all see negativity, bad energy, and imperfections; honestly, it gets really exhausting. It’s hard enough to get up every morning, do something you hate for eight hours a day, come home, and enjoy what little time you have. And if you’re lucky, you have a couple of days off to unwind and muster up some energy to do it again on Monday. It’s what we call the absurd. And when it’s simplified like that, it can be depressing.

It also doesn’t help when you’re feeling low, and you see others, who are happy, who maybe don’t seem to work as hard, or are doing something they love and making life enjoyable. But this isn’t about them; honestly, it never will be because you need to focus on yourself and figure out what you want to change. Loving and accepting your flaws isn’t just ignoring them or letting them affect your life negatively. It’s by recognizing them and working on them so they can become strengths within yourself.

For Example, one of my imperfections was talking to strangers. I was so psyched out to have any interaction with anyone that I was crippled. I stuttered; I couldn’t articulate what I wanted to say, and worst of all, I was shy. It wasn’t the person who I truly am at all, but any person I was talking to they didn’t know any better. But I decided to tackle the problem and worked at overcoming my imperfection. Now to this day, I feel more comfortable talking to strangers than to people I know. So how exactly do we make our imperfections work?

Be Honest with Yourself During the Process

be honest with the process

Being honest with yourself will be the hardest thing you have ever done. You have to analyze those imperfections objectively. We all have a particular bias about ourselves, but ask yourself, are you the person you want to be? If you are not, what is stopping you from becoming that person? Is it insecurities, a physical trait, or an attitude or personality, and can you sincerely find what those imperfections are? Because that type of self-reflection can be embarrassing and extremely difficult.


We all want to view ourselves in the most favorable light, and we often don’t want to believe or admit that there may be something imperfect about us. As a society, we like to blame others for our imperfections. Still, that behavior is counterintuitive to identifying the root issue at hand. So be honest with yourself, take a deep and natural look within, and see if you can locate anything imperfect. Because regardless if you acknowledge it or not, your subconscious will always remind you.

Make a Plan for the Process

Make a plan for the Process

After you have identified your imperfections, you next need to make a plan on how to love and accept them and be realistic. As I said, I had an issue with talking to strangers, so I had to work on that to improve. And the way I did that was to practice. I knew I was going to stutter, and I knew I would have difficulty making eye contact, but I accepted all of those shortcomings. Once, I knew what the underlying root issue was, I worked on them by practicing.


But after each encounter, I had to consciously analyze every conversation I had and figure out what I did well and what I needed to improve on. It was entirely up to me and how I perceived myself to be a smooth, clear communicator. However, once the plan is in place, you must follow through it and give it a chance. The only time you should change the plan is if it does not work, or you have failed miserably, or aren’t improving. Experimenting is also paramount to the success of the plan. However, it would help if you gave consistency a chance as well.

Focus – Be Disciplined and Determined

Be focused on the process

Whatever imperfection you decide to work on, you will have to remind yourself daily what your goal is and how you want to execute those goals. No one will keep you accountable, so you will have to keep that focus going for yourself because it gets uncomfortable and tedious whenever you are self-improving your imperfections. And you may find the trouble much more than you bargained.


But that is where the discipline comes in, and focus becomes so important. You have to trust the process you have laid out; only you know what works and how you need to go about it. That’s how you build yourself and improve your imperfection. Everyone has to go about it their way, and being locked in and focused gets you closer to your goal.

Be Patient with the Process

Be patient with the process

Being patient with yourself and the imperfections you have decided to tackle is another skill set you will need to work on to better yourself. The process you have created is just as important as identifying your imperfections and devising a plan. Because once all of that is done, you have to stick with it. With patience, you begin to understand better how you operate, so you can understand what is realistic.


Patience allows you to take your time and operate at your own pace. The key is to improve continually, regardless of how minor that improvement was because in the grand scheme of things finding your imperfections was a major leap, and facing them head-on the correct way is going to be a time-consuming venture. Take every day little by little, and make sure to win the little battles because the war will be a lifetime operation.

Enjoy the Growth During the Process

Growth during the process

Enjoy the Days that you can improve yourself and have fun with them. Self-improvement is like taking care of plants. When you plant the seed, you will have to water it every day, make sure it gets enough sunlight, and then watch it grow. Like with plants, the growth is slow, but once the plant hits its stride, it starts to blossom into a beautiful living organism that provides a lot of value in the world.


Even with imperfections, know that you have a lot to offer and are truly valued in this world. If you do decide to tackle those imperfections have fun with the process. Fall in love with it, and know that every day working on yourself is a gift that will pay dividends for the rest of your life. What kind of imperfections do you have, and do you have a process implemented?


Loving the process of achieving your goals will take time and discipline, but once that discipline sets in, you’ll find the love within the journey. Oftentimes we get so fixated with the end goal that we forget to enjoy our time trying to achieve the goal. However, that is where the actual growth occurs to find your passion; below is the takeaway from this article.

  1. Be Honest With Yourself – If you can’t, with no one else
  2. Make A Plan – You can’t expect success without one
  3. Focus – Be disciplined and determined
  4. Be Patient – It truly is a virtue
  5. Enjoy The Growth – Because if you don’t, what’s the point

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