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The Ethics of Pet Ownership

Explaining the ethics of pet ownership through memes

We all love dogs, and seeing a four-legged furry creature light up our days, will light up even the most hardened of hearts. But we have to ask ourselves is pet ownership ethical? As of late, there has become a trend in society that places dogs on an impossible pedestal. While that’s okay with me, dogs are divine creatures that deserve all the goodness in this world. However, it’s because of that pedestal that entices irresponsible people to take up ownership of a living creature. People that follow trends and fads see the cool side of owning a pet but are then blindsided by the hardship of actually owning one.

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This is where the ethics question comes into place, is pet ownership ethical? Breeds of animals have been domesticated for the enjoyment of humans, however, pets also benefit from this arrangement as well. Pets can enjoy the warm cozy quality of a home, while never having to fight for their food. Pets in terms of status and condition have it much better than their wild animalistic counterpart. And ironically, some pets are even treated better than humans, but that is an entirely different topic for another time. However, when the question of pet ownership ethics comes into play, is when pet owners create an atmosphere worse than the quality of life of their wild animalistic counterparts.

Pet Owners Caging Their Animals For Hours On End

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Inconsiderate dog owners are notorious for putting their so-called beloved animals in a crate when they either go to work or part take in a leisure activity. And it’s one of the cruelest things someone can do to an animal, especially one that is supposedly a part of the family.

It’s not just about caging an animal up and restricting their movement for long hours, it’s a living creature that has to reside in their own waste. Contrary to what people may believe about caging an animal, doing so can cause serious psychological issues to the animal. It can cause anxiety, fear, and anger, which may induce a dog to attack spontaneously.

Pet Owners Taking Their Dog To Places Dogs Shouldn’t Be

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People who take their dogs to every single place possible are very inconsiderate, and selfish. Pets do not need to be taken to grocery stores or restaurants. It’s a thoughtless act that is not only unsanitary but unreasonable for a pet. It serves no purpose other than the needs of the pet owner.

However, with that said, people with service animals are different. The animal is specifically trained to help the person in need and is able to behave accordingly in such environments. But people who freely pass their pets as service animals without the training and documentation are doing a disservice to people who actually need them.

Pet Owners Breeding Dogs For Profit

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Breeding dogs just to sell for profit is one of the worst things people can do as pet owners. Forcing a dog to mate with other dogs and selling the puppies to random people is a serious ethical issue. Anyone with a puppy can become a breeder. There are regulations and licenses that need to be obtained to be one, however, it being enforced is another story.

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The issues in breeding dogs not only affect the dogs psychologically and physically. But there is also a huge impact on the population of domesticated dogs that needs to be realized. For instance, the overpopulation of unwanted dogs. When people find out that a dog is more work than they bargained for, there are usually two scenarios. The best case is that the dog will be re-gifted to a good home. Worst case, the dog will be abandoned and will have to renounce its domestication and resort back to its wild instincts.

Pet Owners Taking Dogs On Air Planes

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Traveling with pets is usually a fun thing to do, so long it’s not to far. Dogs love taking car rides and seeing new places, so typically it’s a win-win. However, traveling with pets becomes an issue when pet owners take them to far and extravagant places. Which usually requires air travel, and it’s the air travel that’s the issue.

Putting dogs in a crate and sticking them in the cargo of the plane becomes very unethical. Take for example yourself, if you have traveled on an airplane you understand how uncomfortable it is. But everything is catered to you, you get water, food, and bathrooms, it may be uncomfortable but it’s manageable. Dogs do not get to have that luxury. They get stuck in a crate and placed in the cargo of the plane, where it’s dark, hot, and loud. Dogs are usually terrified throughout the entire plane ride. There have been several cases where dogs have died traveling in the cargo. So, think twice before you put a dog on a plane.

Pet Owners Not Providing The Proper Care

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Pet owners not providing any type of training or even basic necessities is a recipe for disaster. And not to mention, highly negligent for any pet owner not willing to teach their pet how to act. Pet owners need to properly train their pets to be able to function within society and the household. It’s not only ethical but it’s also a sanitary and safety issue.

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Another highly unethical thing some pet owners do, is they do not properly feed and give their pets fresh water. Some tend to think their family dog is the garbage disposal, feeding it anything and everything, all the while their water dish is completely dry or disgusting.


Pet owning can be an ethical venture, so long as pet ownership is done right. When assuming the responsibility of a living being, it is the caretaker’s ultimate responsibility to ensure the pet is taken care of. That means giving up certain freedoms that you once had unless you are prepared to spend money for the convenience of pet care.

Pets are a 24/7 responsibility, they may seem cool and fun to have, but it gets very expensive. It’s time-consuming, and sometimes it’s very difficult. So if you are not prepared to handle the cost or the responsibility don’t get a pet, it won’t do you or the pet any good. But hey if you are ready for all the ups and downs, pets can be a wonderful thing for the soul, just be prepared.

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