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What’s the Point of Life?

The universe alone is enough to minimalize anything we do on earth, so what’s the point?

What’s the point of life? The universe is incomprehensibly large; it’s filled with an endless abundance of space, time, matter, and of course, mystery. The mystery of the universe alone is enough to minimalize anything we as humans deem worthy or essential to utter unimportance.

Nothing we do as humans in the grand scheme of things on a cosmic or a celestial level means anything. Humans pride themselves on some of the most mundane achievements in life. Humans clutter life’s qualities with trivial academic accolades and job promotions. Humans glamorize the prettiest woman or the hottest guy who won the championship in your favorite sport; unfortunately, none of that matters. So, the question remains what’s the point? And that’s a fair question to ask, so that’s what we will focus on and go over the different ideas of life.

Make a Point of being Happy?

Happiness is a lot easier said than done in life. Most people in this world are not living up to their full potential, and the sad part about that reality is that they know it. But, most people get in the way of their success, and the mere thought of putting in a massive amount of time and energy just for the possibility of failing is enough to scare the hell out of anyone. So, most people don’t bother. It’s easier to keep working at a job you hate than to follow your passion, talents, and what you were born to do.


Happiness goes much deeper than just following your passions; it would be too simple if that were the case. What people tend to do is care what other people think of them. They are so focused on what others may think. Or how someone may perceive them that they forget that the only opinion that should matter is yours for your well-being.

We see this with a person’s family and friends more than with strangers in society. We are constantly in a mode of approval from the people within our circle. That constant competition from the people that should be on our side drains our ability to be happy. We shouldn’t care what others think; we should have our own opinions, sense of taste, fashion, likes, and dislikes. It’s okay to think differently so long as your way of thinking doesn’t infringe on anyone else.

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Find Joy in the Process

Society has been spoiled in terms of technology advancement, consumer benefits, and health care. The quality of life for humans is, without argument, the best it has ever been. When we think about other civilizations in different time periods, we think of the fact they didn’t have the internet, a sanitary plumbing system, top-tier entertainment, and abundant options to travel cheaply. Yet, society is as miserable as the dark ages. I am exaggerating with that last bit, but we aren’t happy and it’s because we are so enamored with instant gratification.

When we want something, we can have it delivered to us in no time; right now, anyone can go to Amazon and get whatever they want and have it shipped to them in a few hours. We have lost the art of appreciation; we don’t care what it takes to get something or achieve it; we want it now. But, we have that same attitude towards everything in this world. People will stop working out in a month just because they don’t see the impossible results they are looking for. People don’t enjoy school because all they strive for is that piece of paper that says, ‘Hey, you did it.” People no longer seek meaningful relationships anymore; that goes for friendships, coworkers, family, and romantic partners.

Society has stopped putting the work into almost every aspect of life. We no longer find joy in the process of bettering ourselves; we can care less about personal records in the gym; we don’t care about the ah-ha moments or the fact that the love of your life has agreed to go on a date with you. Society focuses on the past and the future far more than they do on the present, and that’s an issue if you want to love the process that makes you better.

Be your Best Self

Each day we have in life will present us with some difficulty, and of course, we all have to go through the ups and downs of life until we are permanently down for the count; that’s life. However, as a human being, we need to make it a point to be the best self we can be, now it’s impossible to climb Mount Everest in one day, but we have to do everything in our power to get as far as we possibly can every single day in our journey.


If your best on a particular day is a few steps towards your passions and ambitions be content and happy with that progress. We can’t run a marathon every day physically, and the same concept applies to our goals. We will have off days, we will have lazy days, and then we will have days with insurmountable energy. But, the point is to ask yourself to be the possible version of yourself and as long as you are doing your best, be happy with yourself.

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What’s the point: Philosophical Perspectives

Philosophy is a subject that has undertaken the responsibility of answering the tough questions that no one seems to have the answer to. Philosophers constantly debate the meaning of life, especially in theology, politics, ethics, morality, etc. And no doubt has the question, what’s the point of life has been asked before. The subject has many different schools of thought, and each one has a different perspective that oddly all makes sense, but see for yourself.

What's the point: Philosophy


A person with a Existentialist viewpoint values the thought process that we are all free to make our own choices in life. However, we are responsible for the choices that we make because is the grand scheme of things we are all destined to die, and our actions have little to no impact in the universe itself. So Existentialists tend to focus on their happiness by achieving it how they seem fit.


For instance, an existentialist may love to smoke but know full well that the possibility of dying from cancer is a high probability. However, they accept it and do not blame anyone for their choices. The smoker knew full well that they would die in the first place. Regardless of whether they smoked, they did something that made them happy, understanding the likely outcome.


Nihilism was philosophized by Friedrich Nietzsche and is an extreme viewpoint that is a bit of a downer. Nihilists believe that life has no meaning and that religion, morals, and ethics do not exist. It’s genuinely a pessimistic take on life and what the world offers. Nihilists do not have any motivation or passion; they don’t seek pleasure or care to be decent human beings; why? Because it won’t lead anywhere, they feel all is meaningless in life.

It’s bad enough to live with a glass half-empty, but nihilists take it to a whole new level of misery. Life is hard enough to go through without having to be Nihilist. It’s not a realistic approach to how people should tackle life; in fact, it’s not an approach at all. In the grand scheme of things, life itself may not have any meaning, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make it meaningful.


Absurdism tackles the question of what’s the point of life head-on. The Absurd philosophy didn’t try to answer the question frivolously but instead chose to recognize the absurdity of life in general and accept the meaningless fact of life. We are all here, and instead of fighting amongst ourselves or going against the grain in the universe, we just let it be because, ultimately, there is nothing we can do about it. Instead of pursuing happiness, just live every day like it’s your last, enjoy the small things in life, do what’s right for you, and keep going until nothing is left.


Society that relates to Cynicism are people motivated by self-interest. However, it’s not as pessimistic as one might believe. Cynics are the opposite of what Absurdism taught, and that people should go out and constantly strive to find happiness. Everyone on this earth has something they love, something they have a passion for, and every attempt to obtain it is an acceptable attempt. However, Cynics take it one step further; they selfishly cut everything off that does not make them happy or hurts them.

Cynics will have no issues cutting off bad family; they will leave a terrible job or stop smoking (even if smoking brings them happiness, it has adverse effects.) Cynics aren’t motivated by money, they aren’t impressed with fame or stature, and they can careless about things that are toxic or get in the way of the beauty of life.


Regardless of what philosophy you choose, life is beautiful. It’s meant to be lived, it’s meant to take chances, it’s meant to be here and now until the day we are not. So, please make the most of it every day, be the best person you can be, and be good to one another. As far as I know, we only have one life; make it count, and make it awesome.

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